Friday, November 4, 2011

Thanksgiving Decorations

Put a few Thanksgiving decorations around the house today to further my anticipation of Turkey Day! I don't have much; just left out some leaf garland, orange lights, and plain pumpkins I had up for Halloween; then added my pilgrims and indians! I feel the need to spray some pumpkin scented air freshner! Think I'll go see if I have some! Ta ta for now my dears! :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thanksgiving Is Around The Corner!

As I sadly put away all my Halloween decorations yesterday, I thought about something that cheered me up quite a bit! Thanksgiving is around the corner! I love Thanksgiving! It is a holiday that, for me, represents the best of what "family" is about. Every Thanksgiving I look forward to spending quality time with my loved ones, eating great food, and taking part in traditions that truly warm my heart. One such tradition we have in my family is: My children and I cut pretty leaf shapes out of fall colored construction paper. Everyone must write what they are thankful for on one leaf. We each read our leaves after dinner and savor all the little blessings that we take for granted at other times of the year. Yes! I am looking towards Novemeber 24th with much excitement and anticipation!