Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rainy Day

A rainy day is a blessing in disguise. I can get some stuff done around the house that I have been putting off. Also, the workmen are back doing various things, so I have to stay home anyway. If it were a beautiful autumn day, I might resent that! So basically, my day will consist of laundry, which is also a good thing because I probably have about 10 loads waiting! I kid you not! Hopefully, I can squeeze in a bit of crafting time as well. I bought all the materials needed for making some really pretty bracelets I had seen on the Free People blog, so perhaps I'll try making those today.

Today is the last day of school for the week and my kids want to go to Michael's for craft supplies after school. My older one and her friend want to make bracelets to sell for charity, and my younger one needs to buy fancy duct tape to make bags and wallets out of. She promised her cousins she would show them how to do it this weekend, so we need to have all supplies here, set and ready to go! :) She started making these curious little duct tape bags last year when we saw a tutorial in Michael's on how to make them. She's made bags, wallets, jewelry and more! We just saw an example of a witch's costume made of a fringed T-Shirt and duct tape in Michael's, so I think that may be her next project. Even the hat was made of duct tape!

Here are two of her bags to give you an idea of what they look like:

So cute! And so easy to make!

Have a magical day!

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