Monday, October 17, 2011

Closet Cleaning And More

Was planning to do a bit more Halloween shopping today (one can never have enough orange lights!), but decided to stay around the house as I have lots of stuff to get done! I started cleaning out my little one's closet and today it must be finished! :) Was feeling rather crafty last night and decided to embellish a rhinestone tiara I had picked up somewhere. I had lots of buttons, trim, and such, left over from various other projects, so I figured I could make good use of them on my sparkly little friend. They ended up looking lovely and gave my tiara a look of fantastical whimsy that I absolutely adore! Here is the finished project:

My two lovely little fairy queens modeling my latest creation:

Love those girls to pieces! :) While I had all my supplies out, I thought it would be nice to finish up some pretty Halloween theme tags I had been making for some special gifts!

We are really getting into the Halloween spirit around here and with the weather starting to finally feel like fall, I am loving it! I've added some new Halloween themed music to my blog's song player in honor of the holiday! Enjoy and have a wonderfully autumn-tastical kind of day!! :)


  1. Hi there, What sweet creations you have made to adorn your lovely little models! Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hi! Christie

  2. Beautiful tiara, and of course the Halloween tags are absolutely irresistable!