Wednesday, October 26, 2011

There's A Little Witch In Every Woman...

I'm feeling rather "witchy" this fine month of October! A trip to Salem, a visit to a spooky Haunted House on the north shore, Halloween around the corner...yes, I'm feeling very witchy indeed! Seeing as how I'm not a real witch, I like to turn to my favorite movie, "Practical Magic" for inspiration! Salem, as you know, is full of real witches, and like the witches of "Practical Magic," they are quite creative! I was inspired by the beautiful spell candles and spell kits that abounded in Salem, so I thought I'd whip up some of my own "magic!" And I thought I'd put an "Aunt Jet and Aunt Frances" type spin on mine for extra enchantment!! I made one for a "love spell" and one for "Dia De Los Muertos!" So even though my spell candles are just for fun, perhaps, during this magical month of October, if you close you eyes, and REALLY REALLY believe, they just might bring you your wish! As Aunt Frances says..."There's a little witch in every woman!" So let your magic spark fly!

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